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Empowering young girls and women of all ages and walks of life that are without financial means to or know-how by supplying beauty and hygiene products. Our interactive workshops teach and promote self-love, self-worth, etiquette, and wellness along with everyday beauty techniques that women enjoy. Producing confident women and reminding each that being a young lady requires more than lip gloss and mascara.

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Help Her Period is the inaugural initiative for us! Please join us to assist women in our area that don’t have the means to purchase their menstrual products. The items donated to this cause are donated to local women’s shelters and homeless women that in the Broward county area

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As women, we go through a number of physical, mental and social struggles unknown by our male counterparts. When “that time of the month” comes we either reach into our stash of pads or tampons, or rush to the nearest drugstore for the $5 box we so haphazardly spend on to prepare ourselves for our dreading period. Because of course, having a period is not free here in America. When Ashley was scouting out shelters, she recognized the lack of sanitary items available for women.

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We are doing back to school this year in a MAJOR way!! We need your help to pack bags for children in need of a fresh start. ———————————————————
Join us August 17th to prepare over 500 bags filled with hygiene, help and hope for our community. Just click “Get Tickets” in our bio to rsvp 🙌🏾