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Help her, period

Initiative 1 : A mission to provide free sanitary items to women that are homeless or experiencing financial hardships.

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Beauty 4 All

Initiative 2: Teaching beauty, etiquette and self care to ALL women! No matter their current status, everyone deserves beauty.

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Beauty Within

Initiative 3: An workshop for school age girls that allows hands on teachings of beauty and self esteem by beauty professionals.

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Help us, help HER

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The Beauty Initiative Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes and provides the true definition of  beauty.  We aim to provide young women with not only emotional tools for success, but with physical tools as well.  Empowering young girls and women of all ages and walks of life that are without financial means to or know-how by supplying beauty and hygiene products. Our interactive workshops teach and promote self-love, self-worth, etiquette, and wellness along with everyday beauty techniques that women enjoy. Producing confident women and reminding each that being a young lady requires more than lip gloss and mascara.

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Help Her Period is the inaugural initiative for us! Please join us to assist women in our area that don't have the means to purchase their menstrual products. The items donated to this cause are donated to local women's shelters and homeless women that in the Broward county area.



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Welcome beauties! Thank you for visiting our website. I began this non profit organization with ALL women in mind. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful no matter her circumstance. So it is my mission to help women find their natural beauty and add an extra dash of glam!

Ashley L. Eubanks