Whether it is a product donation or joining one of our one of a kind packing events, we urge you to join us in our mission of giving! We view volunteering more than just feeling good at the moment but actually doing good in our community. The Beauty Initiative does not donate items to our friends in need, we are providing a solution to an injustice in our community.

How can I help ?

Help Her Period is the inaugural initiative for us! Please join us to assist women in our area that don’t have the means to purchase their menstrual products. The items donated to this cause are donated to local women’s shelters and homeless women that in the Broward county area.

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The mission of The Beauty Initiative is to help people feel clean and make hygiene necessities accessible. The aim of The Beauty Initiative is to promote healthy hygiene techniques to those who need us most through compassion and human connection in order to restore their dignity. Since its inception in 2016, The Beauty Initiative has donated hygiene products throughout the US as well as delivering products internationally. To total more than 800,000 hygiene necessities to ensure that hygiene is not a luxury, but a human right.

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