Why Laundry?

When our Founder, Ashley, an educator learned of a student being bullied due to wearing stained clothing she wanted to take the initiative to help further than hygiene products. After research she learned that laundry is an estimated $70 biweekly for one family, which totals close to $150 which is an additional bill for families that are already on limited resources.

So, on her 32nd birthday she personally sponsored 100 loads of laundry and supplies for families in need. Every month for the past nine months she has sponsored an additional fifty loads monthly. April 15th which is National Laundry Day we will be hosting an official launch of our fourth initiative program, Dignity Delivered.  Our hope is to present the event as a family event that engages the entire family. As well as remind the families that everyone deserves dignity!


Clients that participate will benefit by receiving free laundry supplies, cost of laundry and hygiene products, food, giveaways and the experience of a family safe event. As well the help of volunteers during the laundry process to remind them that there is someone that is there to help. As well as promoting literacy and the arts with a specific center to read with children, arts and crafts and several activities to interact with families in attendance.


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